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Project workflows with DiffUX

Almost all of us work on teams at some point in time. Having a good workflow is crucial to keeping production going.

DiffUX provides a way to create an approval process for style changes. For example, if you have another developer making a small style tweak to the site, you can approve or reject the difference from DiffUX.


Understand how UI regression testing can work as part of a project workflow.



  1. If you haven’t already, start the local node server with node index.js
  2. Start the DiffUX server (take each action in a separate command line window/tab)
    • Start redis - redis-server
    • Start the Ruby server - bundle exec rails s
    • Start sidekiq - bundle exec sidekiq
  3. In a browser, open up DiffUX at http://localhost:3000
  4. Click the ‘Add New Project’ button
    • Name it
    • Leave dimensions as is
    • Add in URLs for the pages
    • Create the project
  5. Start a sweep
  6. Grab something to drink while the sweep runs
  7. After the sweep has been completed, validate all images are as expected and accept them

Part 2 - Validating Changes

  1. In the theme styles, change the default color of ‘strong’ tags to be #036
  2. Trigger a second sweep with your changes
  3. After the sweep completes, see if DiffUX caught your changes.
    • Notice how DiffUX automatically approves any pages without changes on them
    • Where there any unwanted color changes? (Hint: the alert box colors shouldn’t have changed)

Extra Credit

DiffUX allows you to trigger sweeps via an API call, allowing you to integrate sweeps with a tool like Jenkins or TravisCI (or even git hooks). You can also make this call via the command line. Using the command line, or a tool like Postman, trigger a sweep of the site.


Part 1 - Step 5


Part 2 - Step 1

strong {
    color: #036;