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Validating Changes with Wraith

Now that you know Wraith runs and captures the page correctly, let’s try out some real changes.


Make the following alterations to the design (run Wraith after each change, noting any unexpected results):

  1. Reduce left/right padding of the .btn class to 15px.
  2. Add the following ruleset to change the default color of page links: .page-content a { color: #639; }
  3. Change the bottom margin of .nav-breadcrumb to 2.5em.

Extra Credit

As an alternative to comparing two different URLs, you can set up Wraith to run in ‘History’ mode, where a single URL is compared against itself over multiple runs. Try running the previous changes in history mode on your local server.


As you saw with the last change, there are weaknesses to capturing a screenshot of the entire page. Wraith allows you to narrow down the section of the page you want to capture by using CSS selectors. We’ll cover that next.