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Wraith Intro and Installation

Wraith is a responsive screenshot comparison tool. It requires Ruby, Node and PhantomJS.

It compares two versions of a website to check for visual regressions via an image diff, then outputs those image in a friendly HTML gallery for easy comparison.


The following resources may be helpful as you complete these exercises:



gem install wraith

DW;NH (Didn’t work, need help)

Check the Ruby Version

As stated, make sure you the version of ruby you have running matches. Run ruby -v on the command line and make sure that outputs the version defined in the Wraith repo. If it doesn’t match, refer to the ‘before you begin’ guide for details on how to make it match.

Check your pre-reqs

If you skipped over the pre-req install instructions, be sure you’ve installed the following dependencies:

Is RubyGems installed?

This method only works if you have rubygems installed,

If not, Wraith has detailed instructions available to help with installation on any system.